An Evening With Jacquis, Let's Get To Know Carl Tart

Culture King Jacquis Neal interviews Original King, Carl Tart about his childhood, career and so much more.

A Weezer Christmas Album, It Is Meant To Be A Crowd Pleaser

Culture King Jacquis Neal is joined by Matt Apodaca to discuss Weezer and Jason Mraz.



Who Would You Risk It All For? The Newlywed Game

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar play the Newlywed Game!

Yusef Loses a Job, Comedy is Terrible

Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar are joined by Yusef Roach to discuss the Netflix series: Umbrella Academy.

Late King with Edgar Momplaisir, Come on Over to the Couch

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar are joined by comedian Mary Beth as well as Bradley Cooper and Jonathan Davis of the film, 'The Star is Korn,' for a late night show.


He is still LeBron James, That is the Perfect Ending to the Movie

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar go over the terms of their NBA bet, LeBron's career, the film, 'Love & Basketball,' and more!

Pop Off

The Culture Kings are joined by Pop Off aka Alfred Jenkins Jr. to discuss being a hype man.

Trash Talk with Mike Menendez

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar are joined by Mike Menendez to discuss the different areas of Los Angeles, a heated NBA conversation, poisonous gas and more!

NPEdgar with Dani Fernandez

Culture King Edgar Momplaisir interviews comedian, writer, actor, and host of Nerdificent, Dani Fernandez about her childhood, career and empowerment. 

Loading the Bases with the Kings

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar discuss their own ‘batting orders’ as they further celebrate Black History Month.