'God Looks Like Draymond Green'

Culture Kings Carl, Edgar, and Jacquis discuss the NFL & NBA, what to bring to a cookout, how to react to a fight, queen of the week, deep cut of the week, & more!

Bonus Episode: 'Why does that dude look so familiar?'

The Culture Kings Carl, Edgar, and Jacquis to discuss if Bruno Mars is the new Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean, Prince vs. Michael Jackson, their own personal style and how it's evolved over the years, Queen of the week, & more.

Bonus Episode: 'We can't police that.'

Culture Kings Carl, Edgar, and Jacquis discuss fake names, walking in white neighborhoods, films coming out that represent people of color, British vs African American actors - does it matter, a segment called The List, & more!

Episode 1: 'Don't Regulate My Honey Intake'

Culture Kings Carl, Edgar, & Jacquis discuss the best candy, whether only women can say the word 'bitch,' who is Lebron's 'Pippen,' NFL play off predictions, Dave Chappelle's new specials, their top five comedians, 'The List' segment, & more.

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Hosts Carl Tart, Edgar Momplaisir, Jacquis Neal introduce themselves and the Culture Kings to everyone. Episode one drops on January 10th - subscribe now!

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Culture Kings is a show for the culture, by the culture & about the culture. Who's the culture? Well, black people, but also just people. The show is hosted by comedians Jacquis Neal, Edgar Momplaisir & Carl Tart.