Right Now in Culture Kings

Happy New Year Culture Kingdom!

Thank You To Our Fans For A Great Year!

Part One: Calls from the Kingdom

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar answer fan voicemails!

Culture Kings Mixtape: One Thousand Percent

1. Conference with Jack2. Wack3. Silly - Edgar Momplaisir (feat. Janine Hogan)4. Talk About Love5. Madness Overcome - J DragonBonus Tracks:6. DJ Dan Exclusive7. The Rap Resurrection of Edgar Van Aces and J Dragon

2018 Music for the Aliens with Miles Gray

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar are joined by Miles Gray (The Daily Zeitgeist) where they make a 2018 best of playlist for the aliens. 

The Episode That Gets Us Fired

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar discuss gift exchanges, Donald Glover, New Year's Eve and More!

Someone Take Kanye's Phone

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar catch up on all the latest trending topics and more!

End of the Year List

Culture King Edgar is joined by Cody Ziglar to discuss end of year trends. 

The Chicago Live Show

Culture Kings Live from Chicago Podcast

'Around the Kings'

Culture King Edgar does an 'Around the Horn' style segment with Anna Salinas and Kevin Chestnut.

Sacred Hill Church

A Reading of, 'Sacred Hill Church,' written by Culture King, Edgar Momplaisir.

Ethically Ambiguous Hostage

Live from Chicago, Culture King Jacquis Neal is joined by Anna Hossnieh (Ethnically Ambiguous) for an interview!

'Kings of Chicago'

Jacquis and Edgar travel around the city of Chicago to see highlights of the city and some of Jacquis’ favorite places. 

It's A Party with Lamar Woods

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar are joined by Lamar Woods to discuss his film, 'It's A Party.'

This is Us: Culture Kings

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar have a heated conversation about Sitcoms.

'Jacquis for President. Edgar for Vice?'

The Culture Kings Edgar and Jacquis discuss Lena Dunham, Running for President, Can We Find Sophie Love, and More!

Part Two: The Best Of Culture Kings

Clips from your favorite past episodes!

Will Jacquis Ever Return?

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar discuss the Chipotle manager who refused service to 5 black men, Jacquis has big news, 'Are You Ready For Marriage?' Quiz, and More!

Positivity over Negativity with Kimia Behpoornia

Culture King Edgar Momplaisir interviews Kimia Behpoornia about her career, growing up Persian American, her love of travel, and more!

Completely Derailed with Anna Salinas and Heather Higginbotham

Culture King Edgar interviews John Baxter a comedy duo comprised of Anna Salinas and Heather Higginbotham.

Nostalgic Memories with Shereen Younes

Culture King Edgar is joined by filmmaker and co-host of Ethnically Ambiguous Podcast, Shereen Lani Younes to discuss being Syrian, writing and not writing poetry, cultural appropriation and more!