Right Now in Culture Kings

The Kings are joined by hip hop improv comedy group, Dopetown 3000 (Greg L. Smith, Shaun Fisher, Zora Bikangaga) to hear the group in action, live on the pod.

Edgar and special co-host Sheeren Lani Younes are joined by Dr. Armin Hoes and Dr. Torey Troggio to discuss their podcast, SportsPsychMDs, and everything involving mental health, sports and much more.

Edgar is joined by Jake Delaney and Paige Hoffman to discuss their webseries, 'The Filth'

Edgar is joined by Jane Kim and Andrew Ti to discuss the film The Farewell

On this edition on NPEdgar, Edgar talks with Jasselyn Harris, LCSW, MDiv discussing therapy, religion, and finding yourself. 

Relive the story of Sacred Hill Church (parts 1 and 2) and show your support to the Kings so we can do part 3 LIVE! 

The Kings welcome the forever dope Doughboys, Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell, to the pod. They discuss it all, and end talking about what restaurants they can and can't give up

The Kings swap two artists' playlist with each other to listen and review what they thought. 

The Kings welcome Big Wig, Cody Zig, to the pod. They touch on comedy, Eddie Murphy, old tv shows, favorite sketch tv, and what Zig is up to.

Edgar has a group of filmmakers on to discuss Quentin Tarantino’s new film. 

The musician Jeshua drops a couple of singles on this special episode of NPEdgar

The Kings are joined by Adult Swim TV writer and creator of Comedy Central's Moonbeam City, Ryan Perez. They pose the question "Do we suck as a television watching culture?" They also discuss Ryan's show, and much more that you'll want to hear, and some you won't.

Ryan on Twitter

In Conversation with NBA Comedy Twitter King, Josiah Johnson

The Kings are joined by the funniest dude on NBA Twitter, and just a hilarious and dope dude all around, Josiah Johnson. They talk basketball, build 2 all-NBA teams to battle each other, talk his Comedy Central show, Legends of Chamberlain Heights, and much more.

Josiah on Twitter

In conversation with Jeff Trammell

The Kings are joined by head writer of Cartoon Network's Craig of the Creek, Jeff Trammell. They talk about how he started writing, his time on Craig, and much more.

Jeff on socials

The Kings are joined by Leandra Ryan, host of the new podcast, I Have No Friends. They talk her show, could Friends last today, and recast other white shows with POC. 



Jacquis is joined once again by Behzad Dabu and returning King, Carl Tart. They discuss a crazy amount of things like a certain viral video, summer, and Carl does Shakespeare.

The 2019 NBA Free Agency Discussion

Jacquis is joined by Behzad Dabu and returning King, Carl Tart, to discuss perhaps the craziest free agency to date. They discuss Kawhi coming to the Clippers, KD going to Brookkyn, the Lakers, the return of parity to the NBA and much more.

Join the Kings in a conversation they dragged themselves from a long weekend of partying at DCM in LA to come do. 

The boys are joined by Teresa Lee to discuss deep fears, gray areas, and tasting your own...well you find out. 

Musical Performance with Selorm

The Kings are joined by Selorm for a dope musical performance of her single and additional track from her upcoming debut EP "Forward"
Forward drops on Friday, June 28th on Apple Music and Spotify.