Right Now in Culture Kings

The Kings do a celebrity draft with some of your favorite guests! 

Culture Queens

On today's episode the Culture Queens Anna Salinas and Shakira Paye discuss culture and moving forward in an ever changing world.

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NPEdgar: Mary Anthony

Edgar is joined by Mary Anthony for another edition of NPEdgar on Culture Kings!

Loqueesha vs. Constance Wu

Edgar is joined by Anna and Heather to discuss their thoughts on the trailer for the new "movie" 'Loqueesha'

Joke Jeopardy!

The Kings play a self-created version of Jeopardy with a host of your favorite Culture King regulars! 

The Post-'Endgame' Review and Recap

Were the predictions correct? The Kings discuss their thoughts on 'Avengers: Endgame'.

Kings Talk: Black Love on Mental Health

Today on Culture Kings is another edition of Black Love featuring Joe Gould. The Kings discuss love, mental health, and how they work together. 

Beat Box Therapy with Janine Hogan

The boys get a little "Beat Box Therapy" from long time friend of the show, Janine Hogan. 

The Kings Discuss the Avengers

Edgar and Jacquis are joined by Chase Mitchell to discuss their personal Avengers teams and the upcoming Avengers: Endgame!

Too Many Takes - the #1 Sports Talk Show

Welcome to Too Many Takes, a sports talk show hosted by Jacquis A. Neal, Edgar Momplaisir, and Sofia Leddy

The Ify Conclusion

Culture King Jacquis Neal is joined by Guest Co-Host Ify Nwadiwe to discuss Game of Thrones, Fatherhood, and Fake Wokeness.

Part Two: An Evening with Jacquis Neal with Ify Nwadiwe

Jacquis is joined again by Ify Nwadiwe for part two of ‘An Evening with Jacquis.’

An Evening with Jacquis Neal with Ify Nwadiwe

Jacquis gets to know Ify Nwadiwe on this edition of ‘An Evening with Jacquis.’

Hall of Fame Worthy

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar catch up and discuss sports.

Never Have I Ever...

Culture King Jacquis Neal plays 'never have I ever' with guests Genetra Tull and Aman Adumer to find out who will win the 'Lame Brady Award.'

The Kings Give You Their Perfect BBQs

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar are joined by Earwolf Producer and Lord of the Drip Cody Ziglar to discuss their must-haves for the first BBQ of the season.

Welcome Back to the Jacquis A. Neal Show

Welcome back to the Jacquis A. Neal show! Today we are discussing NCAA March Madness, Tiger Woods, and the NBA playoffs.

Note: This is a spoof of the Stephen A. Smith radio show!

Just A Normal Episode Of The Culture Kings Podcast

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar kick old school and have a typical episode of Culture Kings.

Behind the Maude

Culture King Edgar Momplaisir goes behind the scenes of Culture King Jacquis Neal's first performance on UCB's Maude Night. 

Our Fans Keep Us Honest, KKK???

The Culture Kings Jacquis and Edgar are joined by one of their fans who also happens to be a member of the 'KKK'